Karen & Kyle’s Maternity Session

January 5, 2021

Location: Uptown Charlotte

There’s some people that you that leave an impact on you big enough to change the way you think. Karen and Kyle are those people.

This year I’ve had a friend have a baby and a few others get pregnant. The baby announcements on my feed keep coming in. I always imagined that these people just knew how badly they wanted to bring a child into the world and had the timing planned out to a tee.

Karen and Kyle’s quarantine pregnancy story reminds me that it’s ok to feel things out and let things happen naturally. And it doesn’t make a pregnancy story any less magical and meaningful. If anything it makes it more special, this new life was simply meant to be.

And it’s hard to think otherwise. You’ll see just what I mean! These two have such a special connection and bond, and know how to have fun and silly all at the same time. They’re truly going to be amazing parents. I can’t wait for them to bring their little boy into this world!