Danielle & Ryan’s Maternity Session

January 18, 2021

The blessing that is a new life is magical, priceless… it’s so many things we can’t put into words. Especially, I’m sure, when you experience it for yourself.

Danielle and Ryan are the first of our friends to bring a little one home. I can’t even pretend to know how their experience has felt. It’s been so beautiful and emotional even just for me to witness, and probably more so now because I’m constantly reminded of how fragile our lives are and how sacred our time on earth is.

Watching their journey unfold has done a lot for me. It’s been a beautiful reminder and testament of how incredible women are. It’s one thing to see others play out their lives on social media, and it’s another to witness it with the people in your life.

I am so grateful I got to take these for them. My sessions are just as much experiences for me, as I hope they are to my clients because of how much I invest my heart into them. I sure do hope there are more maternity sessions in my future. Can you tell they’re my favorite?