Branding Session w/ Harvest & Moon

April 18, 2021

Last week, Austin caught me crying while I was watching American Idol and made a realization that he then shared with me. He shared “the same reason people make fun of the show is the same reason why you love it. The show is about their voices it’s about their stories.” He is lowkey kind of right. He is right about both of those things. I love a good story, which is what makes this job the FUCKING BEST.

I get to learn stories of others, highlight them and share them with the world. There really isn’t any kind story I don’t like. I like the easy ones, the good ones, the romantic ones, the hard ones, the ones about overcoming and perseverance. I’m the type of person that roots for the underdog, so I can’t deny that I love rallying around people when they need it most. But whatever the story line is I want to make sure my clients, especially women feel the following during our session:


Mariah, from Harvest and Moon, has an incredible story. She’s one of those people that can and will inspire you if you let her, just by a simple follow. She is a gifted tarot card reader and bad ass business owner, an amazing mom and an all around amazing human being. Her story of perseverance is incredible! She is a survivor of domestic violence and you would never imagine the hard things she’s overcome by seeing her and her work now. She is light. I am linking you to a post where she shares a snippet of her story here. I just love how vulnerable she is. She’s moving mountains by sharing her story and inspiring woman that might be in a similar situation and giving them hope.

This branding session I got to do for her was such an incredible experience and I can’t imagine I’ll forget it anytime soon. Thank you for sharing your incredible work and energy with me, Mariah!