The Best DaySeptember 7th, 2019

Hi. If you’re reading this, you probably know I’m a hopeless romantic and that that’s why I became a wedding photographer, but here’s still a lot you probably you don’t know. If you are my people, you know that Charleston is my favorite place on earth. I love everything about it, the locals, the ambience, the food, etc. It is filled with so many of my favorite things and because of that I always dreamt about getting engaged in Charleston. I thought it was such a hopeless romantic kind of dream, I never once mentioned it out loud. I never once mentioned it to my mom, my best friend, not even out loud to myself.

This dream always lived in my head, but that changed September 7th.

The previous month, I had told Austin I wanted him to take me on a date. Since I wanted to do the same for him, I surprised him with a date to a vineyard, because the man loves him some wine. We had a fabulous time and I made sure to block off September 7th, the date he gave me for his date. However, as that date got closer, so did Hurricane Dorian.

I had no idea that our date would be anywhere other than Charlotte until two days before the 7th. He forwarded me an email with the mention of Charleston (without knowing). I’m so glad that happened. I was so glad we could deal with the tiny bit of stress Hurricane Dorian was giving us that week TOGETHER. Little did I know he was also dealing with two Airbnb cancelations and juggling communication with a photographer.

The morning after we got to Charleston, we did A LOT of walking around. It was very humid and we walked for at least two hours that afternoon. I was sweating EVERYWHERE. We got to a Starbucks at some point and he told me to change for our next activity, which was an event and mentioned there would be food. The boy lied to me about food. We get to Battery Park, where I myself have photographed an engagement session. I thought the location was a little weird for an event because I saw no event in site, plus my heart sank when I saw a photographer walking our way. While Austin was stalling, which I thought was him making time because he’s always 20 minutes early for everything, thankfully the photographer’s couple came up. My nerves immediately felt at ease. Plus I had told him I was feeling anxious about his surprise event and asked him if I should feel nervous. Well, he totally played off his, “oh man, not at all”, so much so, I realized this was just a regular date and that there was NO reason why my plane Jane self shouldn’t wear a patterned dress.

If you know me, you know I like my neutrals, aka black. Here I am trying to work on that on while living my best life and singing Lizzo’s Truth Hurts on repeat right before this session.

Laura, of Tossing Wild Flowers, arrives to Battery Park about 15 minutes after us. Austin introduces me to her and at this point I still think this isn’t anything other than a gift. Our 6 year anniversary would be the next month and I thought it was the sweetest gift. I rarely ever ask strangers to take our photo. Not that Austin minds, but I know it’s not his favorite, so I opt out. I thought this gift was a great way of making up for all the missed photo opportunities.

About 20 minutes into our session, he proposed in an alley called Longitude Lane and at that point I thought I was dreaming and in all seriousness asked him if this was real life. When our first “congratulations” walked by, she asked me what he said when he got down on one knee and it was in that moment I realized I blacked out and had to think really hard about what he had said. I also realized that Laura, our photographer, did an amazing job keeping the proposal a surprise. Not only is she SO kind, she did an exceptional job as a professional third wheel. What a dream. It’s still a dream I can’t believe I’m engaged to my best friend of almost 6 years. I’m so grateful this man loves all of me, all the time.

That night, after dinner at Darling Oyster, we shared wine on our our second Airbnb, a personal yacht. The sunrise was equally as magical as the sunset. 10/10 recommend.