Megan & Alex

Megan and Alex –
What a joy this couple is! Not only did I have so much fun during our session, that my cheeks were hurting, but I left feeling like I had just finished hanging out with some old time friends of mine. You know you are one lucky photographer when this happens. Its the best feeling when your clients feel comfortable around you!

One of my favorite things about this couple, second their quirkiness, is that they love some craft beer! I especially like that it was Megan that  started introducing Alex to craft beer. My kind of girl! For their session we went to Lynnwood Brewing off of E. Whitaker Mill Rd. So fortunate to have been introduced to this place by these two. I officially have a new favorite brewery!

During our session we were able to incorporate the sign for the Barrel Room, where Megan and Alex will have their reception. They got to give me a brief tour. It’s beautiful! Really looking forward to their wedding, which thankfully is right around the corner. Alex proposed to Megan a little over a month ago and they are getting married in 4 months! Their story is the perfect example of,  “when you know, you know”.

P.s. These two met during their time at NC State, which is why I couldn’t love them more than I do. Go pack!

  • Heather said:

    This looks like a fun session! They share some great laughter and your photography is stunning!

  • Laura said:

    What a fun session! I just adore your processing!

  • Lynn Marie said:

    What a fun session & cute couple!

  • They look like so much fun! You did a great job capturing their personalities.

  • Alyssa Bouma said:

    It looks like they had such a blast during this shoot!

  • Kelly said:

    Playful couples are my favorite! Great work!

  • Melissa Johnson said:

    What a fun session!! You captured them perfectly!

  • Sharee Davenport said:

    what a fun couple! i love that they incoooerated their love of craft beer into their session!

  • Brittany slaughter said:

    Oh my gosh! What a fun couple!

  • jiyeon said:

    love love love how happy these photos are making me feel! great job!

  • Alissa said:

    They look so incredibly happy! Thanks for sharing!

  • Misty said:

    What a fun couple! I love the idea of a reception at a brewery. Sounds like my kind of event!

  • Jenny said:

    What a delightful couple! You really appear to have captured the love and happiness they share together. Your photos are so fun...almost makes me want to get engaged.

  • Tiara said:

    Seriously, how cute?! They look like a bLAST to work with!

  • This couple looks so cute and I love the idea of having a reception at a Brewery. I'm a craft beer fan as well. :)

  • Jina said:

    I love having clients that you feel so connected with; it truly does make a huge difference in your session!