Becky & Jeremy

I don’t even know where to start with these two. This precious couple is getting married in six months. When that exciting time comes around they will have been together for eight years. Eight years! Please let that sink in before you scroll down and take a look at some of my favorites from this session.

This couple is the perfect example of true high school sweethearts. I literally swoon at the way they look at each other, even still. They give me hope that true love does exist. You can’t look at them and not think, “soulmates  do exist.” Not only are they super ridiculously beautiful people, inside and out, they are also such pure joy to be around! Oh, and can we talk about their adorable lab? I mean what a stud!

As you can see, we worked with some unexpected snow this weekend. This isn’t what we were picturing for our session at all, but they were so up for the adventure. You can’t really ask for more, as a photographer! They were completely up for a snowy session, no questions asked. It makes me love these pictures that much more <3

Hope you love them as much as I do!


To see the whole session – you can view the gallery here


  • Rocio Juarez said:

    Beautiful pictures,Beautiful couple

  • Laura Sánchez Espinosa said:


  • Ileana gomez said:

    I really enjoy the pictures, great couple! They look so happy and in love!! Thanks for sharing ❤

  • Marcela Juárez espinosa said:

    Amazing Photographer, amazing my daughter and son in law,amazing Rollo, but the most amazing of all is God who United all these lives together.
    Couldn't be more grateful with him.
    Lord, please bless these lives.